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She decided to let me standing the corner while she called her to tell her i would be there tomorrow. Have you ever considered that millions of men world-wide and billions of men in generations past regularly practiced domestic discipline, all the way up until the s? deep down in your heart you know your rightful place is at the head of household. I am certain that you think twice before repeating the behavior that got you spanked. When i wanted to do it again he said no. Men are slow learners, but we do learn, and that is a good thing. Several months later i had to give him an enema as prep for next day’s exam at doctor.

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Wives who spank their husbands otk. Green’s farm for the summer while they vacationed in europe. I teased his cock and balls with my hand rubbing and stroking using the precum as a lubricant. Joe thrust himself hard and fast into her loving her moans. L: as matt states, you are a very lucky man. A lady demonstrates the power she has over her boy. Profligate spender, aylin, is punished for her own good.

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This became a regular part of our life when i stepped out of line. Green lived alone because his wife died about a year ago, so he welcomed female influence in his life again. I’m then bare from the waist down marched to the frontroom to face the wall.