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Well actually if some of your mmf projects could contain bbws and asian bisexual dudes i would be very happy. The other guy stands in front of the girl to receive oral sex from her. Make a mountain of pillows on the floor and lie over it, face down. This is what sex toys are for!

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Three way sex positions. Would love to join a couple for 3-some and wholesome sex. Threesomes are one of those intriguing things that seem to be at the forefront of sexual bucket lists for people, whether it be in the fantasies of lad mag-lovin’ men, the bitter reality of couples seeking that unicorn third (the unicorn being a hot bi babe that puts out), or of course girls like me who think if one cock is good, two is even better. Also, please refer to my blog about being sex positive when the object of your affections has a positive sti result. Find a tall-backed chair-such as one from your kitchen table or a desk-pad it with some pillows, and sit him down. They all lay on the same side of their bodies, and contort so that they form a circle together. Also? meet the girl from the couple individually for coffee or a pint first and double check what she likes, flirt with her more, play with her more. While kneeling (his chest at your calves), your guys pushes your legs to one side slightly – not allowing them to flop all the way over – leans forward, and enters you.


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This is one of the hottest threesomes for females. Straddle your partner as he lies on his back.

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