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Taylor w brwn shldr lngth hair spanked hard. Jasmine was seen with a bad crowd that her mother has in the past forbidden her to see. However, it wasn’t her breasts that he was interested in. She winces as she sits down on the couch next to her pretty blond friend. Her boss goes on to strap and finally cane her. She was so sore that she wasn’t sure she’d be able to make it back the next day.

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Spank her red swollen ass. Moving her into various positions, including the diaper position, he continues spanking her defenseless ass cheeks. In the back of our bus he pulld my short skirt up & my cheer panties pulld dn. The friend becomes very curious and coaxes the truth out of her roommate. The guy did so well. Whether she will do a better job of his shirt in future remains to be seen. This was going to be a very memorable spanking session indeed for jilly!


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Howling and thrashing beneath him, she humped against him in her pleasure, rubbing her ravaged ass against his body as he sodomized her. By the end of her punishment she’d been moaning and pushing her pink ass out for more.