Masturbation with pumpkins

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This is why he was embarrassed, not for buying the pumpkin, not even for thinking it looked like his wife’s ass, he was embarrassed for what he planned to do with the pumpkin. Besides the fact this is probably planned for sunday afternoon, it’s sounds about as fun as a colonoscopy. I tell the guy i’m not feeling great, and that maybe we should get off at the next exit so i can use a restroom. All he had to do was simply let the sander vibrate inside the pumpkin and all the ooze and innards would slop down to the hole, encasing his cock in the soft gooeyness. And lemme tell you something: trains are goddamn impressive. This is where the trouble starts. That made me an angry, bitter person who resented having to go to pennsylvania every fucking week.

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Masturbation with pumpkins. Just like del when she wore those orange pants that time,” he mumbled to himself remembering the slight curve of his wife’s ass. He offers me a bottle of water, and at this point i think the last thing my body needs is more liquid, given that i’m about to release copious amounts of brown liquid at any moment. And the hayride is never fun, because there’s nowhere comfortable to sit on a hayride. Not just any woman’s ass, but exactly like his wife’s ass. So after watching one of the world cup games, i get the stomach rumbles.


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He made a note to pick up an extra pumpkin in case his wife wasn’t in the mood in the next few days. Yeah he’d catch hell, but he’d be home and could slip off to an empty room and relax for a bit.

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