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He didn’t say outright that. They probably won’t feel like sunshine and rainbows, but having one (or more than one) slightly awkward conversation is definitely worth having a sex life that both of you can enjoy more. Or whatever you’re into. We couldn’t find what you were looking for.

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Jackhammer position sex. Was the problem, but his comparison of me to other women was all i needed to know. Try again until you get it right. When all else fails (or even if all else goes pretty well), just be honest. Be slow and careful when pulling his penis downwards so as not to hurt him. If you want to discourage your partner from ever having sex with you again, by all means, tell them how you hate this, that, and the other thing about what they do in bed.


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I’ll never forget the time a boyfriend that i really loved looked me straight in the eye and said, “i don’t enjoy having sex with you. You know what’s not that hard? asking someone if they want to have sex and waiting for a clear “yes, i do. Being horrendous in bed.

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