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After that you will start panting and moving, your breathing will become deep and erratic. Yes you’re just a pussy ! Okay, so you know by now that cold showers are awesome. Since i forced myself into cold water for some weeks now, i feel less resistance approaching strangers. Lastly, this is lame but here goes: i enjoy jazz and now my friends call me john coldtrain. A note on the fatloss, i’ve been doing daily cold showers for about 15 years and every so often i take a 90 minute cold shower — the water from my well this time of year is 57 degrees.

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10) cold showers improve immunity

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Girls in cold shower getting fucked. No you wont, one of the reasons cold showers increase testosterone is because they don’t overheat your balls. I feel so great. You can choose to bring some of these concepts into your own life if they’re not already, and if you already do, then just remember what to tell yourself. The colder the shower, the greater lactic acid decrease, the greater fat burn, and the greater testosterone gain. It will takes months to build up your brown fat (the furnace) to achieve high caloric burn rates. I have always acknowledged the power of an ice pack and/or ice bath to help in speeding up muscle recovery and reducing inflammation, especially being an athlete and all. Might not work for everyone but it works for me.


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Cold shower first thing in the morning will do more to jump start your day in the winter then playing to your comfort level ever will. Time to rewarm is now only about an hour. Yo red pill! cold showers have improved my life so here are some reasons you should start taking them every single day.

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