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Anal cancer prevention perspectives among foreign-born latino hiv-infected gay and bisexual men

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Social marketing campaigns could conduct community-engaged formative work with hiv-positive latino advocates (including foreign-born gbm) to determine the best methods for disseminating this health information in culturally and linguistically appropriate methods and language. Three other participants confused hpv with hiv. To read quotes that describe patient-related barriers to receiving the hpv vaccine. Results show the importance of examining both individual and dyadic characteristics in the study of sexual behavior. Sorry, could not submit your comment. Separate regression models predicted the number of receptive and insertive partners for unprotected anal intercourse.

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Gay anal latino. Although there are no national guidelines for anal dysplasia/anal cancer screening, researchers have found that screening hiv-infected populations for anal dysplasia every 2 to 3 years via anal pap smear is a cost-effective, life-saving approach to detect (and potentially treat) early signs of anal cancer. Six participants preferred for a clinician to conduct the test, citing that a health care provider would most likely perform this test more accurately. And reported regular receptive anal sex. Hiv-infected msm (including those who identify as gbm). Over time, however, they increase their risk of acquiring cancerous hpv strains if they increase their number of sexual partners. Abbreviations: ged, general education diploma; hpv, human papillomavirus.


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Past studies have found similar barriers to colorectal cancer screening, predominantly among latino and african american populations. The 1 person who reported knowing about the anal pap smear test but who had not actually been screened for anal dysplasia described how his health-care provider discouraged him from getting screened for anal dysplasia, telling him that he was too young to be screened. The remaining participants reported that they did not know anything about hpv (including that it was a sexually transmitted infection), the existence of the hpv vaccine, or about hpv-related cancers that also affect men (see.