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And reassure that this is normal and an actual bowel movement will not occur. Most men and women feel only minor discomfort during the procedure. No problems such as organ enlargements or growths are felt. After he fingerblasted me, i could tell that lube had, in fact, been involved, because, when i shamefastly pulled my underpants and jeans back up, i got that horrible squishy-gushy feeling it leaves behind.

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Female anal exam tools. Compact, batrachian, with thick glasses. This procedure allows the healthcare provider to feel deep in the pelvis to determine where and how large the pelvic organs are. This exam is also a chance for doctors to check for rectal bleeding or growths, as well as any other early warnings of colon cancer. A rectovaginal exam is not the same as a rectal exam. People with a family history of adenomatous polyposis, a rare inherited disorder characterized by cancer of the colon and rectum, may need to start screening as early as age 10. A recto-vaginal exam allows doctors to examine and identify abnormalities in the pelvic area, most specifically those of the uterus and ovaries.


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Physician characteristics and beliefs associated with use of pelvic examinations in asymptomatic women. It is similar to a bimanual exam, which is where the healthcare provider inserts one or two lubricated, gloved fingers into the vagina, while the other hand gently presses on the lower abdomen.

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