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Urban dictionary: the phantom

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Struck down by a blow to the heart from the sword of the pirate chief. (daily strip #195 and sunday strip #150) from his notes. Gradually the whole concept of the phantom developed; the generations behind him, the skull cave, his wolf devil and horse hero and the bandar pygmies. Based (mostly) on lee falk’s strips. And with art by sal velluto.

The ghost who walks: an anniversary celebration of the phantom


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Explain ghost who walks strip. Is the 21st of the line. (also, he had no superpowers, but that’s certainly true of many superheroes. In many forms of combat. Then in 1969 it was. Falk had also created mandrake the magician a couple.




Pictures serial, starring tom tyler in the lead role. To lay down their lives in the service of justice.

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