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Unlike men, most women do not have a refractory (recovery) period and so can have further orgasms if they are stimulated again. So, i forged ahead in my super orgasm efforts, attempting to – as the university of essex suggested – “turn my brain off”. What women need to learn is that it just doesn’t matter. This makes it easier for you to hit during sex. This research led to the establishment of sexology as a scientific discipline and is still an important part of today’s theories on orgasms. After you learn to edge and tease your orgasms, you can release into full-body and multiple orgasms.

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2) the nipple orgasm

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Different ways orgasm. I have tried tantric yoga, and instructional videos in the past, and yet still find myself capable of only one single climax, followed by a desire to go to sleep or finish the washing up, rather than extend the session by several hours. Touted two kinds of orgasms in women, clitoral and vaginal. Start with strokes around the belly, rib cage, and in between the breasts to tease yourself. Foreplay is crucial to the g-spot orgasm and this is what you have to focus on the most here. I also feel my hips (men do have hips) seriously tighten and spasm, great pressure on the area just between my prostate and testes(like it’s pushing out hard), feel like the area above the penis just below the navel gets really tight and sort of ‘expands’?- i am able to specify because almost every sensation is highly defined!! and then my whole body stiffens and trembles successively. Actually, men have at least two types of orgasm: through penis stimulation and through prostate stimulation.


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4) the anal orgasm

We all worry that we’re not normal. This columnist (of whom i’ve become a recent fan) is offering tips, not telling men everything they need to know. Being on the brink is a way to tease your genitals until you just can’t take it anymore, meaning a more forceful finale is achieved.

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