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Around a third of the foreign-born population was born in europe (37%). This is the first national study of cancer survival in any ethnic group in england and wales. Banksy, d*face and ben eine have all etched their art onto its walls. Muslims were the second largest religious group of foreign-born residents (1. Of 18 different ethnic groups within the borough, 17 have populations of more than 1,000. 5 per cent in 2001 to 80. 5 million people) was born outside of the uk.

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Asian population in england. Of the foreign-born population almost half (46%) identified as white, including over a quarter who identified as other white (28%). Quintiles of its distribution among the 109 578 census enumeration districts in great britain were used to assign a deprivation category from 1 (most affluent) to 5 (most deprived) to each woman by linking her postcode of residence at diagnosis to the corresponding enumeration district. Most african born residents from the top 10 selected countries were either black or asian. One likely reason is due to british military personnel being stationed in germany. At st pancras we have 11 reading rooms, each specialising in a different subject area or type of material and with different opening hours. They have also been in the reports of local councils and other organisations, and in tourist brochures and festivals.

Breast cancer survival in south asian women in england and wales | journal of epidemiology & community healthEthnicity and religion statistics |  institute of race relations

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Ethnicity in england and wales

Our collections also reflect the long and turbulent histories of race and empire, as well as post-colonialism. Differences in breast cancer survival between south asian and other women in south east england were not explained by differences in stage at diagnosis.

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