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The second reason – that anal sex might be a way of the need to make sense of new political power structures – isn’t much more plausible. Can reduce the amount of virus in the blood and body fluids to very low levels, if taken the right way, every day. Tissue in the anal passage is very sensitive, and you may face a small cut or tear if there wasn’t enough lube used or things got hot and heavy. Throughout this entire experience, it is your job to pay attention to what you are feeling, and communicate this to your partner.

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Anal and sex and. They’re just not as sexy to talk about for whatever reason, but they’re truths that we all need to hear. It goes on to say that receptive anal sex is 13 times more risky than insertive anal sex for acquiring hiv infection. So that might also tally with what you were told. If too much pressure is applied, these blood vessels can stick out, which can lead to haemorrhoids.


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People may engage in anal intercourse, which has health risks, because the anus is full of nerve endings, making it very sensitive. Eligible and interested participants reported to the clinic for a one-time, face-to-face meeting with a female interviewer.

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