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I am dealing with an extraordinary problem. It’s purple and swollen. I was discovering a whole new world. With no further ado, here are my top 10 masturbation tips for women. Found what i was looking for. Sign up for our newsletter to receive a free guide to anal play and receive a 20% online-exclusive coupon.

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101 guide to female masturbation. You can palm and pull your penis head while masturbating with a full-hand grip. And i started yanking it. It was my first orgasm and it felt nice. Evrythings fine but after it things gets worst. The key is focusing on what brings you most pleasure and not focusing on the outcome of reaching orgasm.


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Some women like spreading their legs wide apart, while others find more pleasure in squeezing the thighs together tightly during stimulation. Better yet, you can share that knowledge with your partner.

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